Monday, 23 August 2010

Piss-Head State of Mind

This is the face of a woman who urinated on a war memorial in Blackpool and performed a sex act nearby.

This is the face of Wendy Lewis, 32, of Princess Street, Blackpool

As she arrived at the court, she was barracked by veterans, whom she swore at, and then done a runner before her hearing began.
Lewis was last week convicted in her absence of outraging public decency.
A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Her lawyer, said: 'She had been drinking but now realises how much offence she has caused the public and what she has done.'
Yeah. She must have been well  pissed when this picture was taken.

A few months pissing in a pot might be in order.
You can blame the drink for a lot of things. But in this case, there’s something that just isn’t working here.