Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Plants Shall Talk Unto Plants

Just watched a BBC news item on talking to plants and how the ‘Scouse’ accent is the most successful.

Most successful for what?

Plants do not grow better if you talk to them!

Why would they? How could they?

Seriously – think about it.

The thing is that there are plenty of numbskulls out there, encouraged by twats such as Prince Charles, who actually believe in this pish. And if they can believe in this – they can believe anything.
They really shouldn't be encouraged. It's not the plants that need talking to.

If I was conspiracy theorist I would say that they're putting something in the water or spraying us with something from planes.

Anyway, off to watch Sky’s absolutely brilliant ‘History Channel’ that is showing a programme about how UFOs are alien spacecraft. A veritable feast of pseudoscience, conspiracies, delusion and downright lies...