Friday, 14 January 2011

Sticking it to the Royals is Easy

The usual “lessons have been learned” statement has been issued over the attack by a hoard of republican revolutionaries on the car carrying the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Well it was really a bunch of students rioting over fees.
Its also worth pointing out here that a free university education failed miserably when it came to the Royal Family.  

Possibly the worst thing that has come out of this for the Royals is reminding future antagonists just how easy it is to have a go at them.  It’s always been so. And will probably remain so. Give them their due though, unlike our self-important politicians, they won’t be tempted to go into hiding or travel the streets ‘a la’ the US President. 

Part of their job is to be ‘seen’. Whether it’s down to hundreds of years of selective breeding or just the way that they are brought up that gives them this feeling of imperious invulnerability, I’m not sure. But I fear that they might come a cropper some day.  

But, at least Camilla can take comfort from the fact that someone did poke her with a stick, thereby quashing forever the idea that nobody would.