Friday, 24 June 2011

Labour Living in the Past With Fascist Insult

So, heckling your opponents in the Commons means that you are a neo-fascist.

Glasgow South West Labour MP Ian Davidson thinks so. But, presumably, only if you’re a nationalist.

As SNP MPs heckled him during a debate on the Scotland Bill on Tuesday night, he said: "I notice the way in which efforts have been made to shout me down.”

"That's what's happened traditionally in Scotland when people challenge the nationalists. Those of us who want to challenge the narrow, neo-fascism of the nationalists."

Now, now.

Heckling in the House of Commons is par for the course and you would have to be a real twat to consider that it was an indication of neo-fascism.

Was the Labour Party “shouted down” during the recent Holyrood elections?

I don’t think so.


It should come as no surprise that a Labour MP should use this phrase against the SNP. The party, especially north of the border, have long attempted to place in the minds of the electorate some connection between Scottish Nationalism and fascism, in particular the ludicrous suggestion that the SNP should be equated with the National Socialists of Nazi Germany. When one considers the “corporate” governments of Blair and Brown this is might sound a wee bit rich.

It’s an accusation that is as tired as the Labour Party itself.

It harks back to Labour’s ideal of a one world where we would all be subject to a “dictatorship of the proletariat”, as opposed to Nu-Labour’s preference that we that we be subject to a dictatorship of the banks.

Former East Lothian MP Anne Moffat once claimed that Alex Salmond gaining power was comparable with the rise of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany. A suggestion that beggars reason.

And then there was Lord “Fuckwit” Foulkes who directed a "Mussolini" jibe at Mr Salmond, referring to the First Minister as "Il Duce" at a Holyrood committee. Yet another socialist from the people’s party that couldn’t wait to get into the House of Lords and join the rest of the “working class heroes”.

These are, historically, the people who use to refer to Stalin as “Uncle Joe”. Well, we all know what kind of an uncle he turned out to be.

They live in the selective past. A past that has seen the people of Scotland kick their collective arses out of Holyrood.

To refer to the 900,000 Scots who democratically elected the SNP at the last election, as neo-fascists is just fucking stupid. It is an unbelievable insult to all those Scots who fought against fascism, not only in WWII but during the Spanish Civil War and chose to think that Scotland should be a country that had the temerity to exist outwith the UK.

The guy really doesn’t have a clue as to what fascism is. He is regurgitating this pish parrot fashion. The sad, and dangerous, thing is that there are many in the Labour party that agree with him. It stems from an irrational hatred of the SNP which in itself can only come from an insular political perspective. Perhaps even fascism.

They live in the past. The era of cloth caps and rickets.

The people of Scotland have moved on. They have aspirations of a better life.

It is doubtful if that life includes a Labour party that includes the likes of Ian Davidson.