Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Danny Alexander – Liberally Wielding the Tories Axe.

Reminiscent of Thatcher's “enemy within”, the Treasury's chief patsy, Danny Alexander, has accused the Scottish Government of being a “threat to the national interest” and of being the “enemies of growth”.

Even the few that still remain loyal to the Lib-Dems cause must surely be getting more than embarrassed that Alexander is fast reigning in Michael Moore when it comes to ridiculous statements and arguments in favour of the Union. 

After the SNP wiped the floor with Lib-Dems in the Scottish elections Alexander has come up with a new idea to impose his policies on the country. Last week he threatened the Scottish government with a month on month fine of some £8.5 million should the SNP not fall into line with Conservative plans.

We will see plenty of this “government by coercion” over the next few years.

Labour were the masters of “new-speak”. But goodness only knows what the words ”liberal” and “democrat” now mean to the whores of British politics.

Some people might question Alexander’s credentials to hold the post of which he is presently holds. After all he was second choice after David Laws got hooked over yet another “expenses” story.

Well he did read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Anne's College, Oxford. And let's not forget his boast that the £10 billion tax raid on North Sea oil, estimated to cost 40,000 jobs, was his idea. He also signed a NUS pledge promising to vote against tuition fee increases in England. He later, along with 27 other Lib-Dems, voted to increase them.

While at Oxford. Alexander was taught by philosopher Gabriele Taylor. Her best known work is “Pride, Shame and Guilt”.

No doubt Danny will have read it.