Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Scientist have moved a step closer to "playing God" after the creation of the world's first synthetic living cell. So the Scotsman (sic) newspaper tells us.
The problem the media has when it comes to reporting ‘science’ is that, in general, they know fuck all about it.

The piece informatively illuminated with a photograph of Hollywood’s ‘Herman Munster’ version of ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ is typical of the media’s approach to science.
Nowhere in the piece are scientists accused of "playing God" by the usual . We are just supposed to accept that this is what they are doing – fact.
And if their not “Playing at God”, they’re looking for the “God Particle” or creating “Frankenstein Food”.

Here’s the thing.

Both Frankenstein and God are characters in books. Science is real.

On that basis I look forward to the ultimate headline:
“Scientists Create God”