Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ravenscraig Porkies No More

A final word on Jim Murphy’s pre-election ravings about the Tories closing Ravenscraig. He might care to have a wee look at the file on Ravenscraig, part of a number of documents covering the period 1989-2004 released last week by the Scottish Government and National Archives of Scotland.
The Tories did a lot of damage to Scotland and I’ve never thought there was any need to invent things about them or their policies.
Perhaps Jim thought what he was saying was the truth.
Perhaps Jim knew what he was saying wasn’t the truth, but all’s fair in politics and elections.
Perhaps some people might want to check out what he says in the future.
And, perhaps the Labour lackeys at Pacific Quay might want to challenge the assertions of certain politicians and their celebrity supporters in the future.