Friday, 11 June 2010

Scots as Unhealthy as English.

According to a study, by the boffins at Glasgow University, unhealthy living is almost universal in Scotland, with virtually everyone in the country putting themselves at risk.
They identified five factors which contributed most to disease in richer countries - smoking, drinking, poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity.
The report found that 97% of Scots had at least one of the risk factors.
Some 55% of the population had three or more, while 20% had four or all five risk factors. Poverty was found to increase the risks.
This has been, and will be, rammed down our throat (deep-fried of course) all day long on the London based news. And no doubt BBC North Britain’s flagship news programme ‘Reporting Scotland’ (sic) will be unable to resist an opportunity to tell us what an inferior lot we are.

But before despair has you reaching for another deep-fried woodbine and a Buckfast pie, consider the twat on SKY News who took such delight in introducing the story.
“If you’re from Scotland you might want to cover your ears for our next story.” He grinned.
Alas, it came as a great blow to SKY-man’s smug superiority when he was told by the head boffin that the Scottish results were similar to those in a recent survey of English behaviour.
There was an audible groan from the balloon as he was deflated.

Still, that aside, I don’t think we should kill ourselves just to keep up with the neighbours.