Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paxman Compares Salmond to Mugabe and Scotland to Zimbabwe.

As an integral part of his CV, Paxman’s anti-Scottish views are well known. This ludicrous comparison will not be the last piece of nonsense we hear from him in his continuing attempts to belittle Scotland, its Parliament and its people. There’s really no need to get upset about it. Unless you are in Zimbabwe and are one of those who have been brutally oppressed by that regime.
Paxman’s talent, if it can be called that, lies in his ability to convince the BBC that he is worth his job and, no doubt, inflated salary. His confrontational style may amuse some but it lacks any insight, subtlety or journalistic merit. His opinionated juvenile crassness, which elicits little information, only lends itself to confirmation of his boorish bigotry and a delusion of his own self-importance.

Now, you don’t get shit like that on Newsnight.