Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paxman the Younger

The latest astonishing intervention in the Independence debate has come from Giles Paxman who said that even after a majority vote for Independence the Westminster Government could simply say “no” and that would be that.

Giles who?, I hear you say. 

Well, he is the British ambassador in Spain. He is also the younger brother of Brit-nut Jeremy.

He made his remarks to Spanish journalists during a breakfast briefing in Madrid.  

Paxman obviously felt he had to say something after the Spanish Government denied London based reports that it would block and Independent Scotland’s entry into the EU. The Spanish pointed out that they would treat both new entities the same.

Although what our man in Madrid says is true. In fact Westminster Parliament could vote Scotland into Independence tomorrow if they chose. One imagines that even they has a better grip on reality than the Paxman brothers.

Still he may only have been pointing this out to the Spanish media who may be unaware of just how much the so called “equal partnership” union is skewed in favour of the old imperialists. If so, then I suggest his ambassadorial skills are found wanting.