Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pie in the Sky if You Let Independence Die

Vote “No” and I’ll consider giving you a bit more.

That was David Cameron’s message to the people of Scotland if they reject Independence at the referendum.

We’ve heard it all before. And the last time that we were sold such nonsense, and ultimately betrayed, it came from a previous leader of the Tory Party.

Thatcher promised that a “No“ vote in the rigged Devolution Referendum of 1979 would not kill off devolution but would “open the door for all parties to explore together a lasting alternative arrangement which can enjoy the support of the whole British people.”

When Thatcher became Prime Minister, Scotland was subjected to unparalleled contempt from the triumphalist Tories. Devolution was dead and Scotland paid a heavy price for believing in London promises. High unemployment, massive cuts in public spending and policies that favoured the rich over the rest were to follow. Sound familiar?

So, should the people of Scotland believe this Tory?

To be fair to Cameron he has only indicated that he would “consider” further devolution. So if he can bribe enough people all he will do is tell us that he “considered” it and then rejected it. Of course he won’t do anything of the kind.

There are more Giant Pandas north of the border than there is Tory MPs for a very good reason. This is a party that cannot be trusted when it comes to Scotland.