Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blairian Visitations

So it looks as though the election’s over before it’s started.
Taking some time off from the ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ and his mission to globalise religion, St Anthony of Blair has appeared to the faithful to give his blessing to Gordon Britain’s continued mission to take us forward into the new dark ages.
Any party that can get the backing of someone who sold honours for cash, determined policy based on donations, took the country into an illegal war, lied to Parliament and was eventually pressured into resigning by his own party - just has to be on to a winner.

"I don't think people can believe that he was actually amongst us." said one believer at the Trimdon Labour Club in County Durham. If I ever go there, remind me that “here be loonies.”

In his best bible-belt drawl, he spoke to the politically insane about "The way we are coming through the crisis ... We are not out of the woods yet; but we are on the path out.”
What do you mean “we”?
This is the guy with the messiah complex who, when signing the White House guest book, put his home address as ‘Jerusalem’.
We should of course be happy that, in between dodging taxes and talking to himself in the Holy Land, that he has taken the time to back old Cyclops Stalin. A sure-fire vote winner.
So, another round of draconian laws and blow-jobs for bankers then.