Monday, 6 September 2010

Blair: A Prophet without Honour in His Own Land

The journey of the 'Blessed Anthony of Blair', Patron Saint of Liars and the Lord of Delusions, has clearly been one that has left him without any capacity to reason at all. Moaning about Scotland in his latest epistle to the gullible he says:
"I always thought it extraordinary; I was born in Scotland, my parents were raised there, we had lived there, I had been to school there, yet somehow - and this is the problem with nationalist sentiment unleashed - they (notice the 'they'] contrived me to feel alien."

Now, in Scotland we wouldn’t dream of applying Norman Tebbit’s ‘cricket test’. We do though; have the ‘football test’.
Blair told us that he would support Scotland as long as they were playing anyone but England. And the oil-slick made this crystal clear when telling us all that, he would be supporting England when they played Scotland in the 1996 European Football Championship.

Whether or not he came to this decision after consulting his god is not known.
It might be that there was more political mileage in going with England. Labour tends to take their support in Scotland for granted.
Maybe he wanted to be English.
Either way, he made the choice. To blame the feelings of the Scots towards him on some rising tide of nationalism is yet another example of this man’s inability to take responsibility for anything. Remember he prayed to his god before committing the country to war with Iraq. So his imaginary friend will have to take some of the blame for that one.
A lot of Scots didn’t like you because they saw through you and recognised what you really stood for.
There has never been any great clamour in Scotland to claim this man as one of their own. And I’m pretty sure the English never wanted to make such a claim either. 

So, cut out the bollocks Tony and bugger off back to the country which you really love the most. The USA.