Tuesday, 2 November 2010

More Action – Less Talk Required From Ofcom

TalkTalk and Tiscali have been threatened with fines for aggressively billing customers for services that had been cancelled and payment of bills they did not owe.

After receiving more than 1,000 complaints this year, Ofcom has finally got of it’s arse and told them get their act together.

TalkTalk, which has been trying to collect the non-existent debts, including in some cases using debt collectors and threats of legal action, blamed a new billing system introduced after it bought Tiscali in June last year.

If the company fails to comply by December 2nd it may be fined as much as 10% of its annual turnover.

"Ofcom is determined to stand up for consumers and take action against companies that break the rules," said Ofcom's director of consumer affairs, Claudio Pollack.

The people at Ofcom must surely be the only ones in the country that accept the sort of pish that the people offer it as a defence for their actions. 

They are either ‘at it’ or not fit to run a company.

Or perhaps a bit of both?