Friday, 22 July 2011

The Gangs of New Somalia Part II

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the loony Islamist al-Shabab has found that its psychopathic take on running a country has proved to be disastrous. They are the only reason that millions of Somalis have, up until now been deprived of the aid that they so desperately need.

In the past al-Shabab have been more interested with the prohibition of music, the banning of mixed-sex handshakes and the idea that women who refuse to get married should be beheaded.

However, while they were getting on with the important aspects of misogynistic medievalism and turning the sane world against them, the will of Allah was about to bite them on the arse.

With Somalia now in the grip of famine, these numbskulls are now desperate for help.

After threatening to kill everybody that worked for an aid agency in the areas that they controlled they now are asking the very people they have vowed to kill to help them out.

It is hard to imagine that they really care about those they have enslaved to their archaic and twisted ideology. History shows us the opposite. The thing is that with starving Somalis leaving the country in the hundreds of thousand, this lot of murdering tossers are fast running out of people to persecute.

They now however, need the help of, amongst others, their greatest enemy – the USA.

Let’s not forget that al-Shabab is a terrorist organisation hell-bent on the crackpot idea of a world where, anyone they leave alive would be ruled by their own particularly nasty interpretation of Islam.
It is very unlikely that those who are starving in Somalia are the gun-toting, brainless thugs of al-Shabab.

The ordinary Somalis, who have lived under a reign of terror for far too long now, need to be helped.

What is worrying the West though, is that al-Shabab will somehow manage to take credit for the aid. But the people should be given more credit than that. They’re not stupid. They will understand that the aid has nothing to do with their persecutors. They wouldn't
dare say so though.

The problem is that al-Shabab is nothing more than a gang of killers and extortionists, only too ready to seize an opportunity to line their pockets. They cannot be trusted. I doubt very much that the aid agencies will be left alone. And whereas those delivering the aid might well be willing to pay the “taxes” and bribes that the terrorists will no doubt demand, governments won’t. If, and when, any sort of payments come to light, money from western governments and especially the US will cease.

We all need to help the people of Somalia.

We all need to rid the world of murdering shit like al-Sshabab.

One question though, for the clerics who like to think that they give al-Shabab some sort of moral authority.

Just what is so great about this god that he derives such obvious satisfaction from inflicting suffering on those who worship him?