Saturday, 6 March 2010

Easier Said Than Done

A bit like Nu-Labour’s pre-election commitment to a UK Government with an ‘ethical foreign policy’, Barack Obama is now realising that it is not a case of what he thinks is ‘right’, but rather, what best serves the country’s interests.

The view from the oval office is not quite the same as that from the hustings, and like many before him he has been forced to waken up and smell the ‘Realpolitik’.

During his campaign for the 2008 election, he promised to brand the mass killings of Armenians by ‘Ottoman’ Turkey during WWI as genocide.

Now however, he is not so keen on the idea.

Hilarity Clinton acknowledged his administration's change of opinion, saying that circumstances had "changed in very significant ways".
So what has changed so significantly?


Obama is now President.