Friday, 26 March 2010

Fifa Copyright the World, the Universe and Everything

A South African budget airline has pulled its tongue-in-cheek advert after Fifa complained that it infringed its trademark during the 2010 World Cup.'s ad described the firm as the "Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What". It also contained pictures of stadiums, vuvuzelas and national flags.

A statement from football's august world governing body said, "For the record, FIFA did not tell Kulula that they could not use soccer balls, or the word 'South Africa', or the Cape Town stadium, or the national flag or vuvuzelas,"
It was the combination of these elements which were banned, the statement said.

Good to see that they have their priorities right and aren’t wasting time sorting out:
The cheats in the game, like Thierry Henry
The increasing amount of overpaid Nancy-boy players who seem to have every nerve end in their body somehow attached to their face
The incompetent match officials who will spectacularly make an arse of it during the forthcoming competition
Sepp Blatter

Just for the record:

Her's the name

'South Africa'

And here’s a picture of

A Soccer Ball

and Cape Town Stadium

and The National Flag of South Africa

and People with Vuvuzelas

Bring it on Fifa.