Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Postal Quality (sic) Testing Rigged

So, the postal watchdog is considering taking action against Royal Mail after finding their so-called quality tests had been rigged.

Postcomm, got a tip-off, and found that, in some areas, the addresses involved in testing deliveries had been passed on to staff. Staff had also learned to recognise test mail by looking for the microchip used to identify test mail which could be felt through the covering. This allowed them to search for the relevant items and they were able to prioritise them to ensure they arrived on time.

It gets worse

In a statement, a Royal Mail apologist said:
"Following investigations by Royal Mail and Postcomm into allegations concerning quality of service measurement, primarily in local mail operations in the Motherwell area - announced last year - both Royal Mail and Postcomm found that there has been no material impact whatsoever on Royal Mail's Quality of Service figures."

So there you have it.
Even when they cheat it makes no difference to the service. So what’s the point of the quality testing?