Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Confused Brown Thinks Expenses Fiddling MPs Will Pay Back Legal Aid

Gordon Brown has eventually spoken up about his former expenses fiddling MPs getting legal aid.

He said: "I think this money will have to be paid back by these politicians. I think the evidence is that people in their position will have to pay back the money - or most of the money - they get in legal aid.”
"We have actually abolished this free legal aid from the end of June, so it has to be means-tested from the end of June and they wouldn't have got it in these circumstances.
"The law has changed, so I think the money will have to be paid back."

Yesterday however, we were told by Justice Minister Jack Straw told: "It is simply a matter of chance that the means test is yet to be introduced in Southwark, where the former MPs are being tried.
"Decisions about legal aid are made by the courts, and MPs and ministers have no control over the award of legal aid in individual cases."

So what’s going on?

According to Brown, they got it but, wouldn’t have got it after June. Fair enough. That’s pretty much what the Man of Straw said.
But, this is where garbled Gordon can’t resist taking that extra step.
Nothing he said backs up his assertion that they will they have to pay it back.

The court at Southwark applied the "interests of justice" test to determine whether the MPs should receive legal aid or not. They did not apply a means-test because they are not in position to do so. However, if the MPs are convicted the trial judge could order them to pay back all or some of the costs of the case.

Evidently the Glorious Leader has already decided that they are guilty.
While, if they had started their ‘role-out’ of changes in London first and not last, then it wouldn’t be a problem. And would no doubt have saved a great deal more money.