Monday, 12 April 2010

Scottish Labour Party Manifesto Launched at Ravenscraig

The Scottish Labour Party manifesto was launched today on the site of the once Ravenscraig steelworks. Labour’s idea being, that the electorate are so stupid that they will make a connection between the closure of Ravenscraig in 1991 and a Tory Government. 
From the mid-1970s British Steel was losing money hand over fist. It pursued a strategy of concentrating steelmaking in five areas: South Wales, South Yorkshire, Scunthorpe, Teesside and Scotland.
Under the Labour government of James Callaghan, a review by Lord Beswick had led to the reprieve of the so-called 'Beswick plants', for social reasons. This policy continued following the Conservative victory in the 1979 General Election. But subsequent governments were obliged under EU rules to withdraw subsidies. Yes the same EU so beloved of the Labour Party.
High manufacturing costs, a downturn in shipbuilding, the loss of subsidies, free-market economics and overseas competition contributed to the closure of Ravenscraig in 1991.
But not to worry, the Scottish Labour Party’s very own television show, ‘Reporting Scotland’ can be depended on to slavishly pass the message on.

As for the manifesto itself? A few things catch the eye.

Sure enough – it starts with a desperate attempt by this discredited mob to associate themselves with the bravery of soldiers in Afghanistan.

The manifesto was about "rebuilding our society with fairness at its heart", Mr Murphy droned. But you have to hand it to him. He is big enough to admit, that after 13 years of Labour rule, our society needs rebuilding.

Anyone who may be confused by the idea of Mogadon Murphy being Labour’s rottweiler in Scotland has to take into consideration the toothless glove puppet that leads the party north of the border.

Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray, under some illusion that he will ever be in power, was granted permission to insist that the Scottish party would parallel English pledges where they were devolved.
So, just doing what London tells you then Iain.

A promise to keep business taxes "as low as possible", includes a promise not to raise income tax rates.
This was a pledge that was also in the 2005 document - and later broken

Powers to sack chief constables if they fail to meet minimum standards within three years. And as a "last resort", failing forces to be taken over by more successful constabularies.
Watch out for this one. As funding is cut/more demands made. This will surely be used to reduce the number forces in a move towards Brown’s long held plans of one police force for one police state.

Public right to recall MPs not disciplined in Parliament after being found guilty of gross financial misconduct.
Easily bypassed. Guess who will decide what constitutes gross financial misconduct? Guess who will slap the guilty on the wrists? No one will ever be recalled.

Nothing about their commitment to privatising Royal Mail. Something, which not so long ago, was considered essential to saving it from oblivion.

Referendums on the alternative vote method of electing MPs and proportional representation in an elected House of Lords, before 2011.
Well where have we heard a referendum pledge before?

Powers for supporters' trusts to be able to buy stakes in football clubs.