Friday, 30 April 2010

Sailor Circumnavigates the Isle of Sheppey – Again and Again

This is the kind of stuff that shows that Britannia still rules the waves. A nation of seafarers indeed!
A man who thought he was sailing around the British coastline had in fact circling off the coast the Isle of Sheppey for a day and a half.
Using a road map to navigate, he set off from Gillingham heading for Southampton, the plan being to keep the land on his right.
And because he could drive in his car to Southampton using a single tank of fuel, he thought only needed one tank of fuel for the vessel.
A lifeboat rescued him after he ran out of fuel.
Coastguards, who grabbed hold of the budding Columbus at Queenborough, advised him that the best way to Southampton would be by train.
However, undeterred, he said he would get some more fuel and get underway.
But he did have one last question “Is it left or right when I come out of the Swale."
He’s not been seen since. So he must have made it to Southampton.
You think?