Monday, 12 April 2010

Obituary: Adolf Terreblamange

Sooth Afriken Nazi leader, Adolf Terreblamange, has been killed by two of his kafirs after a dispute about their wages being three peanuts short. Two men have been charged with facilitating his comeuppance. They have also been charged with pulling down his trousers and leaving his arse in full sight of Google ‘street view’.
Terreblamange, a former uber-thug in the Sooth Afriken police, was founder and leader of the Afriwankerboot Bowelbeweging (AWB).
In 1996 he was sentenced to 30 days in Root der Poof prison after being found guilty of killing 300 sub-humans (non-whites) after a black man looked at him. In prison he became a born again Christian as this is always a good way of getting your sentence reduced. 
After serving three hours of his sentence he led an AWB invasion of Buhutopoopuwana. The invasion failed as it coincided with celebrations of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. It was agreed, that as the ‘Hyena’s Arse Division’ had booked the village hall in Fookindork and paid for the band, that they would return for a party.
Terreblamange was widely praised after he was filmed falling out of his pram at a parade in Verukadorp during Ding Dong Day celebrations and was voted the ‘Greatest Sooth Afriken Ever’ on the country’s SSTV channel.
He was buried at a rally in Nuremdorp which was attended by a lot of white people.