Friday, 30 April 2010

Nursery Staff Confiscate Two-Year-Old's Cheese Sandwich

Staff at a nursery confiscated a cheese sandwich from two-year-old Jack Ormisher because it broke their healthy eating rules.
You see. There you go. This is why I’m a fat bastard. I thought a cheese sandwich was healthy.
The two-year-old burst into tears and when his father picked him up from the food fascists at the Westfield Children’s Centre, in south Wigan, who told Jack’s father that the wee fella’s sandwiches should in future include lettuce or tomato – so they could be classed as a ‘snack’ rather than ‘lunch’.
Ah! I see now! Lettuce and tomato – snack. Cheese – lunch.
Chips? You have to by them off that dodgy bloke that hangs about behind the lock-ups.
Young Jack’s mother has moved him to a new nursery where he can have his cheese piece in peace.