Monday, 12 April 2010

Down's Criticised for Boyle’s Syndrome Jokes

Tanzie Downs, the well known comedienne, has been criticised for making jokes about Boyle’s Syndrome sufferers.

Paddy and Padina Potatohead, from Uglywains in Glasgow, were sitting in the cheap seats the star's sold-out gig in Mingerton’s Rectangle theatre. Mrs Potatohead said that she had been enjoying the show up until Downs started making the jokes.

The former ‘Mock the Disabled’ panellist eventually refused to comment.

Mrs Potatohead, whose son Frankie suffers from Boyle’s Syndrome, said she told the comic she was upset. But Downs told her she should have known what to expect at her show and if she thought that the routine about people with Boyle’s syndrome was going to be clever and intellectually challenging, that was her fault.
She said: "Downs made fun of their parents being old and out of touch. Downs also made fun of the way people with Boyle’s Syndrome speak, their ginger hair, thick glasses, their inability to finish their education and their outright ugliness.”

"She also made a number of references to people with Boyle’s Syndrome dying on stage."

Some of Downs’ big fat bald comedian friends supported her saying, “We’re feckin’ comedians and we can say what the feck we like. Now feck off, I’m away on another boat-trip courtesy of the feckin’ TV licence payers.”