Friday, 2 April 2010

F Ofcom

Ofcom have told Sky to drop the prices that the charge the likes of Virgin and BT for their sports and film channels. All in the name of competition. Sky of course, will appeal this nonsense.
Ofcom though, are quite unfathomable at times.
This is the lot that said it was OK for BT to charge rivals whatever it wants for access to its forthcoming £1.5bn fibre network.
In that case Ofcom claimed they were acting in the interests of consumers, (and not as a result of unprecedented lobbying from BT and a threat to revoke it unless pricing controls were dropped). Furthermore, they maintained this would not lead to a monopoly in the ’super-fast broadband’ sector. Nor would kill off BT’s competition, Virgin in particular, stone dead.
They have, on the other hand, never thought to have the license fee reduced for those who still don’t get a full service from the BBC.
Fuck knows how many BBC TV and Radio channels people in these parts pay for, but can’t receive, unless they get Sky installed. The much vaunted BT Vision can’t be guaranteed because of … you’ve guessed it, BT’s piss-poor broadband service.
I’m on Sky’s side for this one